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Mini laser engraver Series
Mini laser engraver
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1.YH-k2  is engraving and cutting machine, worktable can be lifting adjustment, head can be lifting adjustment.

2. With USB connection,with 1W LED light lighting.

3. Sphere of application:  It can carve on organic glass, horns, hardwood, rubber, ink pad (permeate printing materials)
and all kinds of common nonmetals materials, applicable to seal engraving and crafts production etc.

4. Simple operation:  Engraving machines equipped with special software, can design various font, various shapes. If the configuration with scanner, also can satisfy complex pattern of sculpture. In addition, the depth of engraving , the seal size, decorative pattern, the standardized reverse characters, Yin mould and Yang mould etc are optional, convenient adjustment.

5. High efficienc:Use YH - K2 laser engraver machines, you need only two minutes to arrange a seal , engraving a plastic round of 4 centimeters thinkness only about five minutes

6. Good quality of engraving: High precisio, to guarantee seal font is clear, floor smooth level, frame size accurately.

7. Good working environmentClean,without noise, can minimize waste and reduce cost.

8. Compact structure:Small size, appearance size is: 800 * 530* 270mm, can put on the desk, particularly save space.

Computer configuration requirements

1. Above CPU586/300MHZ

2. Above 32MB memory

3. Hard disk volume above 1G

4. VGA color displays

5. Floppy disk drive,CD-ROM device, mouse, keyboard, each one

6. Software system can operate and install  in the WINDOWS95/98, WINDOWS NT / 2000, and WINDOWS XP environment.

7. The computer display resolution suggested settings for above 800 * 600 display mode. 




Maximum shift speed of laser head


The highest accuracy of engraving


Maximum range of engraving


Standard seal fixture


Laser power


Cooling system

water cooling system

Power supply


Machine size


Packing size


Gross weight



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