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Flame Plasma cutter
Plasma cutter
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Function and adaptability

The product, Numerical Control Flame & Plasma Dual-use Cutting Machine, which has Simple operation and convenient maintenance, is a special numerical control equipment which is effectively used in sheet metal cutting.  It can cut all kinds of metal material according to arbitrary graphics. 

The roughness of cutting planes can get to 25 3, generally, cutting planes do not need surface processing, and can be used directly.  It has advantages of high degree of automation, easy learning, convenient interface, Simple operation, convenient maintenance, top quality, inexpensive, compact structure and so on.  It can be widely used in machine manufacturing, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, engineering machine, mining machinery, electricity, bridge construction and steel.

The main technical indicators

1Cutting speed: 03500mm/min.

2Cutting thickness: Plasma cutting 160mm (according to the users Plasma Power); Flame cutting 3350mm.

3Moving accuracy: 0.003125mm/step

4Working power: 220V,50Hz 200w


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