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Wood Working Machine
wood Processing machine
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This machine is widely used for producing cabinet door, wood door, computer desk, furniture,etc., it is good at engraving and cutting on large quantity of big wood boards.


1 .The machine body is made of thick steel tube, after the temper of high temperature. it becomes more stable and powerful.

2. The main structure is made up of precise parts and big Japanese servo motors. so that the machine tool is running stable , having lowest noise, fastest speed and highest precision.

3. In order to obtain the high working precision and long working time. It adopts Italian air-cooled spindle motor and the automatic tool changing function, which can change the blades fast and optionally.Professional blade holder to redeem the difference of blades..

4. It has the vacuum table, which is made of hard electrical board, has big     adsorbability.

5. It uses the foreign advanced system, controlled by big separate colorful keyboard.

6. It adopts powerful dust cleaning system to clean the air during the work.

7. It includes the auto lubricating system to retain the machine in daily life.

8. It offers the optional Germany transformed spindle head which is used for lateral work. 


Top Quality Wood Processing Machine



X×Y Working Area


Spindle (Italy)


Processing engraving resolution


Maxing Moving Speed


Max Engraving Speed:


Spindle Speed


Tool quantity


Tool diameter


Running Way

Y high resolution gear rack/ XY import guide screw


Square linearity lead rail

Operate system (Taiwan)

Control system

Driving way

JAPAN servo system

Working voltage


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