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CNC Advertising Machine
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Advertisement industry: Can make cutting, carving processing to wood, plastic and marble etc. Also used in manufacture industry for copper, iron and aluminium workpiece processing.

Artwork industry:  Carving various characters and figures on gifts, furniture, wood articles, artworks and souvenirs. Matrix processing industry:  Applied in carving of elaborate characters and patterns, processing of small matrix products.

Building model industry: Carving some elaborate small windows, fences, wall decoration patterns etc. Seal industry: Carving various seals with cattle horn, plastic, wood and ink storage matt. The whole steel structure is shaped through tempeing treatment , making it solid and long lasting .
Abrasive precise ball screw and high-performance fraction drive enable stable operation .
Mainly applied in carving and cutting of PVC ,polymethyl methacrylate , aluminium plastic board , waterproof board and aluminium alloy etc.
1) PC base 32-bit DSP controller
2) The maximum tranverse speed is 9mt/m and the maximum feed speed is 6mt/m
3) 25mm dia. hardened guide rails with linear ball bearing bushings
4) 5mm pitch, 20mm ball screw
5) High freguency spindle with freguency inverter, 24.000rpm
6) Accepts compaible HP/GL, G-code commad
7) 3-d Toopath simulation that is easy to correct mistakes
8) Applications: engraving or routing signs, prototype or production parts, prototype,
enclosure panels, templates, I.D. Tags, award plaques, etc.
9) Easily cuts light metals such as aluminum and copper, with precision and speed
to perform the finest 3D engraving
10) working height of z axis : common 8 cm , the special is 12 cm
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