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Digital Nail Printer
Digital Nail printer
Feature Video Samples show
Auto printing which can print the design on the nail ( one time for 5 nail / 5 toes )
1. Easy to beautify you nail. All the be beauty nail design would be aimed at the nail auto.With according to the type of the nail zoom or divide up.
2. No need the mouse to make frame and anchor point. No ink would spray to the skin. The cost very low, facture is easy and the speed to prettify your nail is very quickly and only need serveral second. For the economical with effect is very obvious.
3. Printing pattern is very fine and the line is clear, it would be much more magnetic by manual.
4. Support the function upgrade.
5. Manual , auto to root the fixup the nail locality , mode.
6. Auto pass protect.—for the boss easy to Stat. The business with manage, stat. The nail printing quantity and working time.
7. Can increase any gallery. Like, super star, flow, flag and the language all over the world ( picture/letter/photo all )
8. Present USB prolong cable. More convenience to use.
Technology parameter


4800 dpi

Ink tank

1 pcs

Printing Speed

3 second / nail

printing nail quantity

1 ~ 5 nail / one time

Printing area

100 * 80 (mm)

Picture format


Machine weight

19 KG

packing weight

25 kg

Machine dimension


Packing dimension


Consume Power

45 W

Using power

AC 220V/50HZ (use in China, for the oversea would do by different country)

Working environment

temperature : 1632,

Humidity: 5085

Operating system

Windows Xp or Windows2000


Pentium 2.0G overlowest Celeron 1.8G

EMS memory

over 256 M (lowest 128)

Hard disk

over 80G (lowest 40G)

Display(screen) card

64 M (lowest 32 M)

USB interface

4 PCS (lowest 2 PCS)

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