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Double colors
Single\double offset printer
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    YH47 have add one more function NP system. It can finish printing number at the same time,press horizontal line and vertical line, colophony protruding printing. Can be model can be supplemental secondary planet type double color system, 2 color to be finish at the same time,  single color with double color can be change flexible, increase the efficiency of producing.

1. Simple operate: Feedwater, ink supply shut presses adopt high autoimmunization system, magic eye control. Easy Adjust, much more credibility

2. Accurate position:Front guide, bilateral wheel-type pull guide structure, bilateral pull guide fine-tuning device and the plate cylinder fine tuning device are used to make accurate register.

3. Separated ink-water system:The water and the ink feeding system are separated. Thus it's easy to adjust the amount of the water and the ink needed by different printed matters. This structure especially suits for the process printing.

4. Double sheet inspecting:Advanced double sheet control can effectively detect two pages, folded pages or more pages duringthe process of printing.

5. Two-revolution printing: This function makes a perfect full page in one saturated color.

6. Dry spraying function:The machine is equipped with spraying apparatus, which enables spraying and printing to be finished simultaneously. Thus the back of the print matters won't be contaminated.Completely machine adopt PCL computer control, it have the auto stop function when the paper jam.


YH47NP and YH47NP SeriesYH56NP series

Number capacity

Lateral:7row*7column=49  Vertical:5row*8column=40

Colophony printing size

Printing Size:30*40mm(Optional)

YH Linder Size


Min space between creasing

Vertical Steel Cutter:25mm

Lateral Steel Cutter


Ink roller number

 6 (2 forme inking rollers)





Detailed Product Description

Maximum paper area

470*365mm (sideward form feed)

Maximum printing area


Use paper weight


Printing speed

2000-8000 pages/hour

Mackintosh size


Printing size


The No. Of ink roller

4(1 forme-damping rollers)

Main motor power


Air-pump motor power


Power supply


Overall size



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