Lanyard Sublimation Transfer

1. Large size axletree, easy to maintain the easy broken parts.

2. The blanketry is adopted the famous brand from dubangof USA.

3.Transmission roller is adopted the raw material XIN YUE from Japan.

Deploying alternative power supply system according to requirement, to replace the imitating imported felt separating structure, to avoid the trouble which by manual rectify blanketry when it deflect.


1 ) Main characteristic :Oil heat-transferring structure, colour evenness for trans-printing, can be transfer many ribbon at the same time and not easy to go deflect.

2 ) Technical  datasheet :Working power supply: 380V; fixed power efficiency: around 5kw ; speed of roller 0-0.25meter/min

3 )  Applicable production :racing horse  belt, cell-phone belt , military camouflage belt, head belt, waist belt and other hanging accessory. belt.