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3D Vacuum Heat Transfer
YH-40(Single feed table)Colorful 3D Vacuum Transfer Machine
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Can be transferred in the plane and fully solve printing processing of all kinds of shaped, curved, three-dimensional surface. Once completed without chromatography,saving time and work and increasing madrket competitiveness.Can be widely used in building decoration,wedding photo studio,advertising,logo signs,gifts and other industries.Range of applicable materials:pearl,drawing and other pre-coated metal plates and a variety of pre-coated metal sheet profiles,pretreatment of stone,ceramic glass,wood and so on. 


1, The whole machine is designed in accordance with human engineering,micro switch Siemens PLC control, easy operation.

2, Low-voltage stepper motors, Japan THKs high precision guide linear, precision ball screw with the rotation. Single-axis CNC system operation, smooth running durable.

3, Bass and efficient vacuum system combined with high elastic membrane, realizing the limit of vacuum, so the workpiece can fit with the transfer film closely to ensure a perfect transfer realistic effect.

4, The machine control circuit use all air quick coupling plug design, convenient and quick.

5, The machine body and frame are combination designs of fission type,covinient to be repaired and maintenaned.

6, Open design to facilitate customers simple remote maintenance operations under the guidance of remote guidance. 

Main technical parameters 

Input voltage


the total pow


temperature range

0 ~ 399

the warm-up time

15 ~ 30min

vacuum pressure


external dimensions


the working area

400 600mm




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