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Thermal Plotter
Thermal Plotter
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simple construction

advanced controller

easy and useful software

universal and applicative device

   Thermal plotter is mechanical-optical-electronic machine, controllable by a computer. It can thermally cut yeasted materials like: styrofoam, styrodur, foam, sponge etc. The cutting is implemented by a hot cutting wire (powered by precise stepping motors), which moves on a set trajectory. In this way, we could practically obtain every detail's shape. If there is a complicated 3D shape, we could exert a serial, rotational cutting, turning or cutting in several steps (with using a special worktable with turning facility).

    A hi-tech electronic controller is the "heart" in our thermal plotter, which "on the fly" implements all operations relatived with interpolation, rotational and linear speed calculating and machine steering. The controller has possibility to connect with PC computer (notebooks too) by using a USB plug. All electronic components are made in a SMD technology, it affects that it is handy and solid.

    Mechanical parts in our machine are made in a base of special precise, anodized alluminium (Kanya) profiles with an elevated strength. All movable parts (string wire too) have bearings, so it affirms a longstanding and quiet work.

     By dint of using hi-tech technology, our plotter could cut even really small details. For example, letters 1 centimeter height is not a problem. After cutting, there is no requirement to make any more processing on detail.

     RAM buffer and an intelligent controller - thanks to using a large buffer's internal memory, cutting runs without a computer!  User sends a file to plotter and immediately, he can start working with a machine. This solution, affirms a possibility to do other tasks on PC, for example prepare next projects. Another advantage is that we can continue work with machine, even if our PC computer hanged.

    "Flash Boot" - special system, which enable controller's internal software changes with no tamper inside the controller.  system umożliwiający zmianę wersji oprogramowania wewnętrznego sterownika bez integracji w jego wnętrze. With the aid of PC computer and added software, we can "reflash" controller by using a new version of the plotter software. Our plotter is the only one machine in Europe, which uses this technology - it causes that customer can immediately upgrade a new version of the software. Thanks to that solution and price, our plotters are one of the most popular machines on the thermal plotter's market.

    Manipulator (joystick) with a display - connected to plotter - affirms a comfort machine handling. Plotter is equipped with modern LCD alfanumeric display. By means of manipulator we are controlling all functions of our plotter, for example we can: set a wire temperature, speed, feed etc.

    Cutting continuation after wire interrupt - special function uses to continue cutting in case of burning out or interrupt wire. After install a new wire, we can continue cutting from place, where we have started. That solution lays away our time, material and "nerves". 

Functional features: 

Hi - tech microprocessor controller with a USB plug, internal RAM memory, integrated amplifier and automatic control hot wire system;

Manipulator with LCD display and  steering keyboard which is being use to set basic plotter parameters and to positioning machine;

High precise mechanical construction (we use only Swiss, anodised alluminium profiles), with increased strength and linearity;

Precise hot wire leading system (equipped with bearings) with an automatic string control system and electronic wire burnt sensor - with a possibility to continue cutting;

Two types of hot wire : standard (cheaper) or titanium (expensive) -  titanium wire has an increased strength and cutting life;

Advanced functions like: possibility to change velocity and temperature during a cutting, continuation of the cutting after wire burned, displaying actual parameters;

Self-contained "shoulders" move (in two-frame construction plotters) - there is a possibility to cut shapes with two different bases, for example circle and polygon (so-called perspective);

For all machines there is an additional option - we propose advance rotational worktable with turning possibility and special shaping wire tool (customer just need to connect one plug to the plotter!);

There is a possibility to install pneumatic hot wire string (it affirms fluent string wire regulation);

Unique material mount system with the aid of movable taps - customer can treat even small parts (wastes too) of material;

Warranty, customer can choose: 1 year or 5 years;

High quality machines accomplishment, a longstanding and practised plotter production, warranty service.

   Basic thermal plotter types:

Plotter's model


Standard Plus


Midi Plus


Max Plus


1300 x 700


1600 x 1300 mm

1300 x 1300


2400 x 1300 mm

3000 x 1300


3000 x 1300 mm

Maximum material thickness

300 mm

600 mm

1200 mm

2200 mm

2200 mm

3000 mm








Mechanical resolution

0,01 mm

Wire cooling system



230 V / 110 V



Wire string



mechanical or pneumatic

mechanical or pneumatic

mechanical or pneumatic

mechanical or pneumatic

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