2 Epson Fifth Generation Heads Piezo-electric Printer YH1802 Yinghe Electronic Instrument Co,.LTD
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Inkjet Printer
2 Epson Fifth Generation Heads Piezo-electric Printer YH1802
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Main Featrues

High resolution

The well known Epson fifth generation print heads can reach true 1440 dpi  

Silent linear guide on new designed horizontal beam ebsures precise printing.

Optional sublimation oven for vivid color printing

Japanese speed,Chinese price

New innovation

YINGHE control consoles with proprietary intellectual property rights

Rigid CNC milled aluminum block print head mounting base

Special print head mounting base to protect head

New improved capping block perfectly protect the print head


One head 4 colors for high-resolution and high-speed with high-resolution

The best USB interface new control boards to protect print heads

Mid.and Front Heating System with PID temperature control unit

New designed taking-up/feeding system to maintain long feeding(taking-up/feeding system optional)

Easy control

Auto wiping system for print heads nozzle face deaning

Auto capping system perfectly protect the print heads

Photoprint 6.1/Wasatch/maintop…+YH control console software

Salient Features 




Print Head

2 Epson Fifth Generation Heads


Drop-on-Demand Peizo Inkjet Technology

Output Resolution

X:360dpi Y:720dpi / 1080dpi / 1440 dpi / 2180 dpi

Media Clearance

1.5mm~3.5mm Adjustable Head Height


Indoor durability

1 year of indoor life

Water base ink

C, M, Y, K

Ink Supply

Bulk Ink with Germany




Mid. and Front heaters control by PID (optional)


Temp. Range

Adjustable up to 80° C , recommended temp. 40°~50° C

Media Type

Print Width

Max : 1800 mm

Media Type

PP, PVC, Coated photo paper, Adhesive Vinyl, Banner, Backlit, Film...


Auto Feeder plus Auto taking up system

Printing Speed


360x1080dpi 3 pass 28m²/h

360x1440dpi 4 pass 22m²/h

360x2160dpi 4 pass 16m²/h



USB high speed interface for large volume data transferring


Photoprint 6.1 / Wastach / Maintop ...+YH control console


Temperature:23°~29°C, Humidity 50~80%


50Hz/AC220V(±10%) Single Phase


LxWxH (mm) : 2870 x 955 x 1145 (mm)

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