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Flatbed Printer
A1 Size Omnipotent Flatbed Printer
A1 Size
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Product Description:

1¡¢11 color ink, including the three black and add green and orange color,Wilder color gamut
2¡¢The lastest piezoelectric print head with micro-3600 nozzle,more efficient output,2 times faster than other ordinary ones.
3¡¢The fastest speed can up to 37seconds/A1
4¡¢continue the intergrated structure of YHS A2-900:machine running stable,repeat print,no shift
5¡¢smart nozzle detecting device:automatically datect whether the print head clogging,and automatically carry out the washing,ensure perfect output effect any time.
6¡¢optimization method for ink,easy maintenance,improve work efficiency.
7¡¢streamlined appearance,even more high-grade,reasonable structure facilitate the maintenance.
8¡¢Ariel color technology:Top technology in the world ensureing supply color chain consistenly and art efficiency.
9¡¢high-speed USB2.0 and 10/100MB Ethernet interface,elimination the kamei of the printer data transfer,to ensure high-speed printed output,and provide the perfect solution for network printing.


The application of print materials
Plastics (ABS, PC, PE, PP, PU, PVC, etc.), acrylic, metal, wood, leather, textile fabrics, glass, crystal, paper, ceramic / porcelain ... ...
Print products applicable J
U disk, MP3/MP4, mobile hard disk, mobile phones, laptop computers, CD-ROM, gifts, toys, stationery, furniture, porcelain ... ...
Application of industry J
¡ù Personalized Print: boutiques, such as, mobile phone decoration shop, personalized gift shop
¡ù crystal products: tourist attractions of the urban street scene or the production of
¡ù Product sampling: Sample a variety of traditional printing
¡ù Studio: such as digital video production
¡ù Apparel industry: the sample design proofing or personalized color printing
¡ù leather products: leather goods of high-end color printing
¡ù Electronic Products: If card U disk, laptop case, MP3/MP4 appearance and color printing
¡ù Packaging: color printing personalized appearance
¡ù Sign production: the production of a variety of signs
¡ù Decoration industries: the ceiling tiles or color printing
¡ù Toy industry

Product parameter

Print size

Super A1 + size 610mm*1000mm

Print head

Piezoelectric micro-3600 nozzle

Print color

11 color:PK,MK,LK,LLK,C,LC,M,LM,Y

Print direcions

Intelligent bi-directional print/Automatic nozzle

Print speed

A1 (1440dpi)/4.5 minutes



Precision printing


Ink system




Power requirement

110-220v or 220-240v 50-60HZ 100W

I/O interface

USB2.0(require operating system support,1.1

Operation platform

Machine OSX (10.2.8 or later), Mircrosoft


5-35  20%-80%RH

Equipment size




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