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Flatbed Printer
A2 Size Omnipotent Flatbed Printer
YHS-A2 900 Flat format printer
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Product description:

1. Models: A combination machine which lifts more convenient, more stable and optimizes a higher printing resolution.
2. Results: 9 color ink, providing more gorgeous printing result.
3. Speed: It's 1.3 times faster than the original A2 model.
4. Settings: Add a high degree of protect devices so as to protect the spray.
5. Maintenance: Optimize the ink supply system which doesn't need to clear.
6. Networking: Control a printer by multiple computers.
7. Materials: Make the use of alloy materials, the print platform is more lighter, more stable and help to achieve higher accuracy.
8. Appearance: A fashion model.


Support material:
Plastic(ABS,PC,PE,PP,PU,PVC),acrylic,metal,wood products,leather,textile fabric,plexiglass,crystal,copperlate,porcelain,etc.
Support products:
Udisk,mp3,mp4,hard disk,phone,portable computer,compact disk,gift,toy,furniture,porcelain,etc.
Application areas:
Personalized printing:boutiques,cell phone decoration shop, personalized gift shop.
Crystal boutique: the urban tourist attractions, or street scene production.
Product print: Produce a variety of traditional print samples.
Studio: digital video production.
Apparel industry: the sample printing or the color printing of personalized products.
Leather goods: Color printing of the luxury leather.
Electronic products: Print on the appearance of card U disk,laptop computer, mp3/mp4.


product parameters:

Printing dimension


Print head

Micro piezoelectric nozzle 1440

Print color

Nine colour: PK, MK, LK, LLK, C, LC, M, LM, Y

Direction of printing

Bidirectional printing

Printing speed

69 seconds (1440dpi) for A4 size

Thinckness of material


Printing weight

No destructive for10kg, 5%resolution for 11 to25kg



Ink system


Specail ink

Environmental, uv ray resistance, dye ink

Height adjust

Electronic / manual automatic adjust

Print object height examine

Intelligent sense + touch / dual-detection system


110-240V220V-240V 50-60HZ 100W

Pore mode


Operation system

Windows95,98,NT,2000,XP,2003 | MAC | Linus

Working environment


Device size

840mm x670 mm x600mm

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