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Flatbed Printer
A3 Size Universal Flat-panel Printer
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Product Description:

  The application of print materials
Plastics (ABS, PC, PE, PP, PU, PVC, etc.), acrylic, metal, wood, leather, textile fabrics, glass, crystal, paper, ceramic / porcelain ... ...
J applies to print product
U disk, MP3/MP4, mobile hard disk, mobile phones, laptop computers, CD-ROM, gifts, toys, stationery, furniture, porcelain ... ...
Application sectors
※ Personalized Print: boutiques, such as, mobile phone decoration shop, personalized gift shop
※ crystal products: tourist attractions of the urban street scene or the production of
※ Product sampling: Sample a variety of traditional printing
※ Studio: such as digital video production
※ apparel industry: the sample design proofing or personalized color printing
※ leather products: leather goods of high-end color printing
※ Electronic Products: If card U disk, laptop case, MP3/MP4 appearance and color printing
※ Packaging: color printing personalized appearance
※ sign production: the production of a variety of signs
※ decoration industries: the ceiling tiles or color printing
※ toy industry

A specific advertisement, decoration, photo studio and other professional users of flat-panel printer YHS-3E, inherited not only the color YHS-3D processing power, at the same time to take a more advanced technology, the accuracy of the print part of the key technologies to achieve greater breakthroughs. 5760 * 1440dpi resolution with ultra-fine droplets, the effect of fine printing and true, at the same time with the built-in color management documentation to ensure accurate output color samples close to the true infinite. Speed has also been an unprecedented increase the speed of truly quality.                              
In regard to supplies, YHS-3E-long use of a new dedicated ink-kit, the color and durability with ultra-high performance, and the use of YHS-3E is a separate body of ink to achieve a six-color separation, which The greatest advantage of the design which is used for which color color, to a large extent, therefore reducing the waste of ink. Simple, faster and cheaper! In the modern time is money, efficiency is life today, This is particularly important in color printing industry users.


6 Colors

7 Colors

Print size

super A3 size 329mm * 480mm 

Super A3 + size 329mm * 480mm /Super A3 + size 329mm * 750mm (Extended Edition)

print head

piezoelectric micro-1440 nozzle

 1440 piezoelectric micro-nozzle

print color

6 colors: C LC M LM YK

7 colors: C, M, Y, MK, PK, R, B / 8 Color: C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, LK, LLK

print directions

intelligent bi-directional print

 Intelligent bi-directional printing

print speed

A3 + (2880dpi) / 6 minutes

A3 + (2880dpi) / 5 minutes

maximum thickness plane print objects



Print weight

Precision non-destructive
weight 10KG, undermine the accuracy of 5% 11-25KG

Precision non-destructive weight 10KG, undermine the accuracy of 5% 11- 25KG

precision printing



ink system



special ink

UV green waterproof material / dye ink

Weathering materials of environmental protection waterproof / dye ink

height adjustment

Electronic Auto / Manual adjustment smart

E-Auto / Manual smart regulation

Print objects detected a high degree of

Inductive smart / intelligent touch-type / double detection system

Intelligent Sensor / Intelligent touch-type / double detection system

sprinkler protection

touch intelligent automatic protection system detection

Intelligent touch-type automatic protection system testing

power requirement

110-220V 50-60HZ 75W

110-220V 50-60HZ 78W


USB2.0 (high speed)



Windows95,98,NT,2000,XP,2003 | MAC | Linus

Windows9598NT2000XP2003 | MAC | Linus

working environment



equipment NW / GW



size equipment



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