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Laminating Machine
Small Laminator A3
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The characteristic of 320 series electronic hot laminator:
Full English export model and accord with the standard of export
. Making with well material, well-design, excellent performance and easy to use
. Infrared heating, low consumption, high thermal efficiency, equality heating, fast to warm-up (normally only 3 minutes)
. Auto-electronic constant temperature, easy to thermoregulation and stable and be sensitive to control the temperature
. Both hot and cold laminate are available. Economic and convenience
. There wont burn the photo if happened to power off
. Lower noise motor
. Long life span main unit
This small hot laminator is with novel beautiful design, easy and simple to handle. Its nice to laminate. The picture after laminating can protect against the water, moisture and alteration. It can save for a long time and fastness.
This small hot laminator adapts to laminate and keep the picture, ID card, name card, drawing and all kinds of paper.
Laminating temperature: It should be 110when the laminating film is in 0.05mm, 140in 0.07mm, and 170in 0.1mm. you should adjust the temperature according to your size, thickness and material etc.
1. It means the temperature is so low when the picture of the card is slur, now you should higher the temperature.
2. It means the temperature is so high when the laminating film is rimpled, now you should lower the temperature.


The maximum laminating width


Thickness of the laminating film





AC220V, 50Hz





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