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Pneumatic metal marker
Pneumatic metal marker
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Application scope:
    Applies in the hardware, the machinery, automobile domain and so on motorcycle fitting, electronic electric appliance, war industry, light industry, may to product and each kind of data plate and so on steel, copper, revertex, lumber carries on the mark to engrave.


Product Detail

Model printing area

(plane) mm :

2 work piece high (mm)

working area:

150 * 100mm

Printing content:

Chinese & English character, numeral, serial number,

each kind of design

Character size:

Adjusts wilfully (Chinese :3mm / English : 1 mm)

Printing depth:

0.02-1mm (may move, with material quality related)

Printing speed:

3-4 character/Second

Printing material

Degree of hardness and is nonmetallic in the HRC55

below metal

Printing surface:

The plane or the concave-convex height do not surpass

 3mm the curved surface

Power source:

AC220V ±10% 50Hz

Is mad the source pressure:


Gas consumption:


Power loss:


Redundant precision:

0.02 - 0.05mm

Working conditions:

Regular work environment


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