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Eyelet Machine
New eyelet machine
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Developed by the yinghe electronic instruments company, breaking free from the traditional ideas, adopts the pioneered design that to use the single grommet for eyelet making on pieces.


Fix grommets onto pieces such as fabrics, Canvas, banners, posters, Sailcloth, flexible materials, etc. Widely used in Advertisement, Sign, Packing, Construction Industries.


1. Normally we make the eyelets onto the destination pieces with a couple of male and female grommets.

2. In the operating process, it should be firstly to set onto the pressing die with the male grommet together with the other female one; and it is also need alignment for the pressing operation, when the pieces are fed ready for grommeting; the grommets may be damaged to waste easily by any deviate from the aimming way, also may be scraped in case of any mistake from pieces feeding and unbalanced pressing operation .

3. The machine has the creative revolution from the traditional grommet fixing method. It needs just one male grommet for fixing, and need no female one any more.

4. So the fixing speed is upto 5 times faster, and the operation is more convenient. One skilled worker can make 30 eyelets per minute(1800 eyelets per hour), and it may cause almost no damage in operation. On account of using the only one grommet, and it can surely reduce the processing cost of all.

5. It has commonality and feasibility on the consumables and also be portable for convenient use. It can use not only specific grommets but also the common 4# and 5# grommet with the suitable pressing die.

6. The strength of eyelets by this method has the same effect as traditional's. For it has no touch between the metal eyelets, so the eyelets are not easy to rust.


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