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Hot Air Welder
Hot Welder YH-LC3000
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  YH-LC3000 Hot Welder  


     This product is for PVC, PE and other materials can be hot melt coated membrane plane designed for splicing.
      When printing inkjet printers margins than the screen, you need to split after printing stitching, as well as printing are enhanced with the edge of the screen, Qian side, cable, wrapped in rope, etc., are traditionally used 502 and its derivatives glue and other adhesive means that there are many disadvantages, as follows: there is laminated slow, bonding strength is not enough, the screen easy to dirty, low efficiency, difficult to grasp and easy to operate, wasting time, when connected to large flat wide require larger workplaces. In particular, easy blistering after a period of wrinkles, resulting in uneven surface because the air temperature by the large, when the low temperature bonding effect is more unhappy. 

      Use no glue stitching cloth Welding Machine (referred to as Hot-air Welding Machine), can successfully resolve these many problems, remove the use of glue, save trouble and time were saved provincial venue, with either fabric, light box cloth, flails net canvas, etc., are no longer restricted to high-frequency machine platform length, as long as a relatively flat surface can heat your desktop or work at any time, for example: up to 100 meters of the joints can be a person in the space of 50 square homework .

      This product is based on hot air welding technique, using principles of self-propelled hot together, after practice, after a large number of continuous improvement, high torque motor assembly machine, precision gear, heat resistant rubber rolling wheels, finishing stainless steel, high-performance hot air The key parts are taken by the second enhancement, so rugged and simple, modular structure components have been taken, and easy to maintain. 

      Machine is small, light, weight only 15 kg, with adjustable speed and constant self-propelled feeder features, simple operation, only depends on the individual operating proficiency and flexibility.

      No glue splicing, temperature adjustable speed, with a feedback temperature sensor, real-time monitoring and control temperature (usually the market adjusted voltage, adjust the wind speed, temperature is not constant). No matter  how long  screen,welding   screen effect  will not change
Field of applicationLC-3000 smart type: Suitable for advertising industry, inkjet fabric, inkjet fabric, light box cloth, Knife cloth, mesh cloth PVC, PE hot melt plastic membranes welding process.
        No glue splicing, temperature adjustable speed, with a feedback temperature sensor, real-time monitoring and control temperature (usually the market adjusted voltage, adjust the wind speed, temperature is not constant). No matter how long mosaic images,welding  mosaic result  will not change. With  seting up a air flowing switch,it welds thick pvc easyily.
Operation procedures
1、  First of all,lighten up the spraying cloth, target the sew.(2-5cm),and fix the cloth on the ground with glue or tape.
2、  Insert the power(picture),turn the handle to the left,till the spout is straight-line with the wheel.The turn the black button to the right ,adjust the speed, usually put it on 2.After adjust the speed,turn the handle to the right till the spout leave the ground.Then it stops.
3、  Adjust the temperature.Turn on the temperature button(turn the golden button to the right,it make the voice “Ka”.Then press the temperature up▲and down▼button,adjust the temperature according to the thickness and durable of the cloth,usually put it between300℃and350℃.Or you can put some materials in the spout,if the materials melt immediately and shouldn’t scorch.It is the proper temperature.
4、  After adjust the temperature and speed,put the edge of the right-wheel in a level with the edge of sew.When the actual temperature reach to your set temperature,turn the handle to the left till the spout insert into the sew totally.The machine beginstowalk.Splicing begins..
5、  During splicing,if the spout melt the spraying cloth. Fist you should turn black button to the right a little,or you can turn down the temperature.(choose one from the two ways) in that way,it won’t melt the cloth.But you shouldn’t turn the button in very urgent speed,or it will make the machine can’t weld or damage the cloth.
6、  Before using,please find a proper temperature and speed.If slow,it will damage the cloth;if fast,it may stick not so fasten,so it is important to adjust the temperature and speed.
7、  On the completion of splicing ,turn the handle to the right ,till the spout leave the spraying cloth totally.At this time,you can turn off the temperature button.But you couldn’t turn off the power cord and the power button, in case the heat damage the heat gun,and make the machine couldn’t work.You must wait till its actural temperature reach to the lowest.
8、  Don’t use the machine in wet weather.The working place must be dry and flat.Pay attention to the fire, the machine should have technical person to operate. The working voltage is 110V-240V(two types) To open the machine,you should be responsible for the result yourself.
9、  The warranty period is six months,heating elements are not in the warranty scope due to it being a repid-wear article,and we are only responsible for the supply of fitting,but the cost is subject to the client.
10、 Fitting equipped along with the machine include a source line of 10m,a piece of alternate heating element,a instrution book and a CD.
11、 we won’t notify if the products have some change.Please tell the agents in local area, the introduction is only for reference,don’t have legal effect.The factory has the final interpretation.
12、 All the products of this factory have applied the national patents.And the trademark has been registered,no copy allowed.
Main technical details  

Rated voltage






Temperature scope


Speed scope






Splicing width


 Errors and methods to solve   


Methods to solve

The temperature screen cnt’t display  or garbled

Test if the temperature probe have link with iron,please keep it in the air between the spout;test if the probe is damaged,test the sensor wire

Don’t heat

Test if the heater is damaged,change heater

No power

Test if the link is fasten

Damage the cloth

Adjust the spout to make it flat and leave its right-edge 1mm with the ground.

Speed out of control

Change the speed button(the black button)

Couldn’t weld very fasten

Speed up the temperature or slow down the speed,adjust the level between the spout and ground.

Repairing the machine with power is forbidden,it should by teachnical person.


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