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Card Embosser
Russian Embossing Machine
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For parts:

 the standard PVC cards
1.   Capital Russian Letterㄗ33ㄘ
      Capital and lower case Arabic numberalsㄗ20ㄘㄩ0‵9﹛
      Small Symbolsㄗ8ㄘㄩㄕ沙妯 .每ㄞ宗定
      Big Symbolsㄗ12ㄘㄩ㏒ N O啋 $ ㄓ  ﹝ㄜ決ㄗ ㄘ ㄩ
      Modify Flatten Symbolㄗ2ㄘㄩ← ←   
2﹜2 files word spacing gapㄩ1/7inch˙1/10inch  
3﹜Volumeㄩ339℅269℅165 (mm) 
4﹜Net Weightㄩ9 kg


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