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Driver Fatique Monitor
Driver Fatigue Monitor
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Product Introduction

Drivers normally arení»t aware of fatigue driving before the actual accident happens, or although know they are in fatigue driving, but must keep driving due to different reasons. The most important functions of driver fatigue monitor system are to let the drivers understand they are actually in fatigue driving and raise their alertness level. Once the system detects the driver is fatigue, it will send a warning signal immediately to the driver.

If the product didní»t make pre-alarming or the driver keeps driving after he was pre-alarmed, at this time the driver probably will fall into sleep suddenly during the fatigue driving, the important function of the driver fatigue monitor system is to send aculeate and loud alarming to awake the driver at that critical time.

When the fatigue warning appears as mentioned above, the driver should stop driving immediately to have a rest to avoid accident. If the driver continues to drive without any rest, the system may push the driver to have a rest by making sharp and loud alarming frequently.

The Driver Fatigue monitor uses the most advanced non-contact mode and fatigue algorithms, make use of automotive-grade image sensor to capture the infrared image of people, with a high-speed digital signal processor for digital image processing and analysis. It ensures driver will be warned immediately when fatigue occurs to protect life and property.

Besides the alarming for fatigue driving, for driverí»s careless driving, such as turn back to talk, crouch to watch, look around or operate the acoustics and GPS for a long time, and etc., all these will be alarmed to avoid traffic accident due to careless driving.

Installation Method

The power adapter plug into the cigarette lighter socket, use the USB cable to connect the host and the power adapter. If your car has USB interface, you can plug the USB connector directly into the USB port on the car. Usually, cigarette lighter case has no electricity after the car flameout, if it has electricity after the car flameout, we suggest you to unplug the product from the cigarette lighter case to avoid long-time waste of battery power.

You can install the host on the instrument panel or dash board.

To install on the instrument panel, take out the double-sided adhesive pad, peel off one side and stick it to the base of the device. Peel off the other side and stick the device to the middle of instrument panel. Do not block meter display. Connect the power supply to the cigarette lighter and plug the USB cable to the power supply. After the car power is on, adjust the host position according to your position until the green light is on.

The step is similar if installing the host on the dash board. The location of the device should be within 20 degree against driverí»s normal sitting position. The lens should point toward the driver directly. It can be fixed on uneven surface.

The dash board of truck and bus is low, try to install at higher position before the driver. If installed in the side front of the driver, should be not more than 15 degree, the host should not be higher than the driverí»s eyes, but it also should not be lower 30 degree than the driverí»s eyes, the distance from lens to the driver's eyes should be between 600mm-900mm.

Under the strong light or the people with glasses, or with little eyes, the distance should be closer between 600mm-700mm, the distance for normal people is between 700mm to 800mm.

The double-sided adhesive pad is in the package, peel off it, then stick it on the master control board, irregular surface can be installed as well. As the lens and the foundation stand is connected with a universal rotating structure, it can work after adjusting it to the right opposite of the driver, but the lens should install to the right position, that means the green light and the lens center should be kept at the uprightness line. Do not press the pad too tight for first time installation, in order that the position can be adjusted when it is not appropriate.

To test the installation, sit at the normal driving position. If the green light is on or twinkling, it indicates the driverí»s eyes opening has been detected. If the driver moves a little distance from left to right and down to up, if the green light is still on or flashing, it indicates the installation position is appropriate. Then you can rest assured a safe journey. Green light flashing is normal while driverí»s eyes are open, especially for the driver with glasses that the edge has frame, because if there are some shielding, the green light will be flashing.

Power Adapter

Power supply can operate between 8V and 32V. It works with both 12V and 24V power, fit for the gas car and diesel vehicle. It has good peak-voltage protection measures.

Driver Fatigue Monitor System is with low power consumption, in the 12V cases, the average current is less than 100mA, while in the 24V, the average current is about 60mA.

If your car has a USB interface, you can plug the USB connector directly into the USB port on the car.

User Note 

Alert Status usually people enter the Alert Status after 1 minute normal driving, but some people who wear glasses need take at most 5 minutes. If you are in real sleep after the system enters to the Alert Status, the product will start warning. It is smart, before you close the eyes, if you have some big movements or long talking, without any fatigue condition, it only gives you one or two friendly reminding alarm after your eyes close for 4-7 seconds, it may not remind if the movement is too big. If the driver didní»t have big movement and didní»t speak, eyes open gets smaller and smaller, or eyes closed, or watching the front but in thinking, it will make sharp alarming after 2 seconds.

After the product is connected to power supply for 2 seconds, the green light will flash for 1 second. If it is at night, the infrared light will get red. In the first 30 seconds, the system detect the driverí»s position and analyzes driverí»s condition, it does not make warnings during this period. Only after the driver has been keeping driving for more than 30 seconds, the system will enter into alert status. However, once power is on, the system will detect if the driverí»s eyes are open or not. If the green light is on, it means the driverí»s eyes are open. If the green light is off, it means the driver closes eyes or driver is not in the detecting range of the camera. For the first time installation, you can adjust the cameraí»s position based on the green lightí»s display.

The product can detect and analyze the driverí»s fatigue condition prior to falling into sleep. Normally, driver's eyes get less and less sensitive to the light before falling into sleepy condition. At this time, this smart product is keeping detecting and analyzing the driverí»s retina condition, making sharp alarming to awake the driver prior to fall into sleep. Driver should stop driving immediately and have a rest after reminded by the driver fatigue monitor.

People Image Identification

For special populations, such as people with thin eyebrows or with no eyebrows, the system need 1-60 seconds to detect, if the green light turns on when open eyes and green light turns off when close eyes, it means the identification is successful.

The product may not be able to identify some old age people (above 60 years old) and young age people (below 15 years old), also caní»t identify people who have only one eye (the system is designed based on two eyes). Old people can be detected if they are in good body condition, big scar around the eyes cannot be identified as well.

For some rare people, if caní»t be identified by the system after 1 minute, we suggest not use this product. If they still hope to buy it, they can provide the front face photos to us. We can make special one for them, but need additional cost and time.

Wear Glasses or Sunglasses

For drivers who wear glasses or sunglasses, the system also can detect. If they wear the glasses with frame, in case the frame ward off driverí»s eyes, better to put the glasses a little bit more up on the nose, or install the host more lower (the position is lower if installing inside the dash board), we suggest to wear the glasses without frame.

For people who wear deep color sunglasses, they can install the host closer, we suggest wear bigger sunglasses.

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