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Single color
YH56IINP Offset Press
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Profile of YH56IINP offset press

1. Easy operation:dampening,inking and pressing are operated by one handle at different level. The pressing cylinder on/off is controlled by Electric-Eye exactlyly and reliably.

2. Exact registration:Front paper stopper of registration,  both side-pulled-paper stopper, paper feeding horizontal registration, paper feeding table slight adjustment,plate cylinder registration of up/down.

3. Dampening and inking separated:Dampening system is separated from inking system,which can adjust dampening and inking flexibly and content the requirement of different printing items for dampening and ink.

4. Presetted counter:This machine adopts electromagnetic presetted counter. If the quantited printing work finishes, the paper feeding stops automatically.

5. Double sheets detection:It can avoid the problem such as double sheets,paper overlap and non-stop.

6. The whole machine is controlled by PLC. There are functions such as auto press, auto stop while paper jam, powder jet, steps running forward and backward.

7. -class: There are forme 3 inking rollers and 2 forme dampening rollers.

8. NP device:printing, number printing, red chromatography, stamp press printing, perforation line, these function can be finished one time.It makes a high work effeciency.

Technical specification



Max. printing size

550 × 375mm

Max. sheet size

560 × 400mm

Plate size

560 × 420 × 0.15mm

Blanket size

560 × 460 × 1.95mm

Usable paper


Ink roller

14pcs(3 forme inking rollers)

Dampening roller

5pcs(2 forme dampeninging rollers)


thick: 76 stitches;  thin: 44stitches

Numbering device

Straight type(horizontal): 56 heads Max.
(7 heads on a ring × 8 rings on a shaft)

Convex type(vertical):   45 heads Max.
(5 heads on a ring × 9 rings on a shaft)

Letter press printing device

Cylinder type: 90 × 345mm Max.

Mounting ring type: 30 × 40mm Max.

Perforating device

Cross perforation:Min 25mm

Vertical perforation: 5mm(blade-perfo type)                  2cm(rotary-perfo type)

Ink rollers for NP unit

6pcs(2 forme inking rollers)

Printing speed

2000-7000 sheet/hour

Power supply

Single-phase: 220v,50Hz

Main motor


Air pump motor

0. 55kw

Machine dimension

1760(L) × 970(W) × 1200(H)mm

Net weight


Packing case dimension

2100(L) × 1150(W) × 1450(H)mm

Gross weight


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