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Flatbed Printer ( 7color *A3)
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Model:A3+(The latest model)

Print Size:329mm×590mm

Print Color:7Color,C,M,Y,MK,PK,R,B


Printing Speed:A3(1440Dpi)/3min



YINGHE digital flatbed printing machine adopts the most advanced digital printing technologies, it is special for you to solve the following printing problems:

※ One piece can be acceptable, no plate-making, lower cost, suitable for the small quantity of products

※Any materials can be printed.

※ Multicolor printing, no chromatography needed, perfect color transition, alarming printing results.

※ Good choice for the odd-shaped products, exquisite and multicolor printing results.

※It accepts printable objects height up to 17cm, weight up to 25KG.

※It can directly print on the surface of crystal, wooden, bamboo, metal, stone, leather, PVC, PP, PE, Ceramic tile, Acrylic and so on.

※It is very simple to operate this machine. Just normal workers can operate it well after brief training.

※Instant image printing.

※Low cost of printing image, less procedures of production.

※Stable printing technology, it is good for numbered items or tailor made such as gift field.

Over the time we have incorporated improvement to suit our customers on their feed back and our constant research and development. The third generation of YINGHE Flatbed machines has made the following improvements over its earlier counter parts 

◇Outlook of the flatbed printer with dust free design. The new design reduces the environmental impact on equipment, user friendly design makes the operation more convenient.

◇Printable object height can be up to 17cm

◇Intelligent Anti scratch printhead system. Ensures the life of printhead last longer which reduces the cost of printing. This patent for this is under process.

◇Two levels ink filter system ensures printheads will not be clogged easily.

◇Automatically examines the height of a transparent object.

◇Excellent after sales services, maintenance solution with full range of accessories.

Application field

◎ Sign making shop

◎Photo studio or film development shop

◎Screen printing

◎Leather, shoes, clothes, crystal and other crafts & gifts industries

◎Leather, shoes industries

◎All kind of factories of art items with image

◎It is a compliment to screen printing production and heat-transfer industries as it can do some jobs which are very expensive or not possible with the traditional printing       


Print size



Piezo Inkjet 1440 Nozzles

Print Color

7Color:C.M.Y.MK.PK.R.B / 7Color:C.M.Y.K.LC.LM.LK.LLK

Printing Direction


Printing Speed


Max. height of object


Max. Printing resolution


Ink Tank Volume



Oil Base Ink / Dye base ink

Height Adjust

Automatic/Manual Adjust

Printing Object Height Examine

Automatic Detecting

Printhead Protection

Intelligent Self Protect System


110-220V 50-60HZ 75W

Printing Interface


Operation System


Working Environment

10-35 C,20-80 RH

Printer N.Weight


Printer Size


Shipping Size


Max. Printing Weight



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