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3M Reflective Film Cutter
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High Quality Plotter

Currently, 3M and AVERY DENNISON Diamond and imported super reflective films are more and more widely used in China and even the whole world. The average cutting plotter could not cut thoroughly or there is transformation when processing these materials, for they are made according to the theory of micro prism (harder) and have highly flexible and sticky back-adhesive, which costs waste of manpower and materials. We designed this super reflective film cutting machine to solve the mentioned problem. We spent 1 year trying our best to make it better and doing many cutting businesses for our customers and now it has replaced manual operating and realized automation.

This machine can also cut brown paper of 1mm thick and sandblasted film. The highly precise cutting enables it to show its skill in the industries of packaging, costume plate making and automobile beautification.

Standard Features:

Streamline design, brief and natural.

More specialized integrated circuit, quick speed, less noise, strong anti-jamming ability, simultaneous speed of curves and straight lines, smooth curves, high precision, more remarkable performance and stabilization.

The intelligent paper detecting function automatically halt working when lacks paper, which saves the cost for the customer. The intelligent radiation design guarantees the machine works well.

It can cut material of at least 16cm wide which creates value for customers.

Automatic paper feeding system satisfies the long time cutting of entire volume and overweight materials.

The great carver pressure meets needs of cutting all ranks of 3M diamond reflective film available in current markets.

Standard language and strong software compatibility support professional software like ARTCUT, Cutting Master, FLEXISIGN and etc. It can also be output by Memory Disk or COM

●  Technical Parameters: 



Max. Paper Feeding


Max. Cutting Measurements


Carver Pressure


Cutting Speed





RS-232 or Memory Disk




4CPU Control

Power Supply

AC90V-AC240V 50HZ-60HZ 60W

Driving System


Liquid Crystal Display

English display with backlight

Environmental Temperature

-10 35

Environmental Humidity


  Warrnty:Directly Manufacturer Fully Guarantee For 12 months.

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