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(ECO)Solvent Printer
High Quality Seiko Printer
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Industrial on-demand piezo printhead,brings unprecedented stability,reliability and life expectation into digitalprinting.35pl ink drop size with 6 colors presents unquestionable color reproduction,speed and resolution at true 720dpi.One color at one printhead makes alignment musb easier;mechanically integrated installtion brings outmost printing performance and quality.

YH-3306A  Technical parameter      



Model 1.8M / 3.2Meter working area

1804A* 3304A-4head

1806A* 3306A-6head

1808A* 3308A-8Head


 SPT-510 35PL

Number of printhead

 6 heads

Printhead sequency


Maximun print width

3200mm 125.9 inch

Print speed

Printing mode


High speed

240X540 3pass 52/h


Middle speed

240X720 4pass 39/h


Middle speed

360X540 3pass 36/h


Standard speed

360X720 4pass 26/h




Solvent ink




Ink supply system

Low ink detector,auto or manual ink supply system

Auto cleaning system

Positive cleaning

Anti clogged flash function

RIP software

maintop ultraprint PhotoPrint

Print interface

USB 2.0

assisting system

Auto media feeding system


Pre-heat & dry system

Equipped(drying system optiona),
infra-red heating system optional



Related information

Input power

AC-220V, 50/60Hz

Working environment

temperature 20--28, humidity 40%--60%

Machine dimension

L4,360 * H1,170 * W790  205kg


Package dimension

L4,470 * H1,340 * W880  455kg



Mechanical Motion Section

 Powerful LCD control panel brings a user friendly interface.

Strengthened steel girder plus high precision linear guide makes every drop of ink onto the right position and brings high resolution.

Alignment of bi-direction rectangle and moving speed of carriage can be accomplished while printing.

Tri Heater system warms up media before printing, im, proves absorbability of media and help dry printing job, so as to enhance outdoor durability.

Problem free and long life DC servo brushless motor in professioal servo system ensures high precision in mechanical system.

Extra 50% media pressing system give a precise feeding and flat media moving, increases printing resolution and decrease bandings.

Built in vacuum hold down system ensures the flatness of media .so as to protect the printhead and improves printing resolution.

Infrared sensor, automatic tension sensitive feeding system.


Electronic Control Section


Industral piezo printhead ,brings unprecedented stability reliability and life expectation into digital printing .35PL ink drop size with 6 colors presents unquestionable color reproduction ,speed and resolution at true 720dpi,One color at one printhead makes alignment much easier; mechanically integrated installation brings outmost printing performance and quality.

  100% black color can print black text job and no need for mixture of 3 or 4 color.

  Printing can be continued after unpurposive power cut.

  Adopt USB2.0 output system ,faster and flexible.

  Powerful and user friendly RIP and excellent ICC profiling system assures vivid and accurate color

  Double raster controlling system plus blank skipping function improves productivity and commercial benefit.

  Variable printhead voltage adjustment along with temperature, plus professional ink ensures fluent and printing


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