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Glass Vertical Cutting Machine
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1.Adopt spring tool structure. Compare the laser plotter machine, it can reduce the scar by laser head.

2. suitable for art glass industry, instead the primitive cutting plotter and flatbed cutting plotter

3. the speed and precision are  faster than cutting plotter.

4.CNC control, working smoothly.

5. rolling motion table, easy to operate.

6. application: Art glass processing (Spray sand, Deep-etched pattern glass, Frosting, Ice carving, Three-dimensional glass, Mirror decorative glass)

7. special design for the tools setting structure, it can carve well on the toughened uneven glass.

8. tilting block table, can load and unload the glass fastly.

9. adopt high quality guide rail and linear bearings, guarantee the machine durable in use.

10. High-preformance driver and motor, greatly imporved accuracy and speed, speed can be 12m/min.

11. May at any time suspend, urgent stop, increase or decrease speed, regulate the knife pressure.

12. Generic interface mode HP-GL,G-Code.


Traditional method: plotter the design on sticker by cutting plotter, then stick the sticker on the glass, then spray sand.

New Menthod: stick the sticker on the glass, then plotter the design by the glass vertical cutting machine.

Advance (compare with the cutting plotter)

1.      Greatly save labor power and time

2.      avoid the malposition by cutting plotter for complicated design.

3. Avoid the mistake by operate (transfer the sticker on the glass)





working size




outside measurement



Digital DC stepper moter, Micro step subdivided drive

commands of drawing




Machine Accuracy


repeatability precision


locating system

Limit system, arbitrary origin setting

work environment

temperature 5-35, ralative humidity 30%-70%

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