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Inkjet Code Printer
Feature Video Samples show

Parameter Description

Print lines from 1-3 lines, be arbitrary adjustable

Print the dot matrix, number, letter and character 5×78×812×1216×1624×24

Store information for 5 pieces 

Input Method

Smart Input

Print character height

be adjustable within 1.5-20mm

Print Speed

75 meters/per minutes

Operation Humility


Print Distance

1-30 mm

Print Content

graphic, Chinese, English, number, date, flow number and batch number and so on

Ink Color



Print Direction

the nozzle can be adjusted within 180 degree

Print content

Graphics, Chinese, English, numbers, dates, serial number and batch number etc

Operation Temperature

from +5 - +40 degree at best

Print Material

mental, plastic, glass, electric wire, sectional material and so on

Information Length

340 Chinese characters12×12

Large touch screen

8 inch TFT screen, 800 × 600 resolution

Drawings fast

Edit pictures directly point diagramDo not have to move the cursor position

Error function

Automatic error, the interface shows

Automatic cleaning

After washing with separate ink ink filling

Variable Message

Supports two time, five serial number

High-pressure test

Nozzle intelligent detection, leakage power caused by the accident

Flexible operation

Mouse, keyboardIntelligent phonetic input

Low temperatures

Ink temperature

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