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Inkjet Code Printer
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Parameter Description

70mm large nozzle

Spray-print Precision: 200DPI

Spray-print Font: any font in the computer

Spray-print Graphic: trademark, graphic, support the images of BMP, JPEG, TIF format.

The bar code can be sprayed, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code.

Spray-print Height: being adjustable within 1-70mm

Spray-print Speed: the fastest speed can reach to 60 meters per minute.

Spray-print Content: Chinese, English, Number, Date, Flow Number and Batch Number and so on.


1. Best Distance: within 10 mm

2. Operation Humility: 10%-90%

3. Information Storage: unlimited

4. Information Length: 3m

5. Operation Temperature: +5+40 degree at best.

6. Four kinds of inks in one entity, as can print four kinds of colors at the same time or single-colo

7. Print the information and data base with different colors at the same time within the scope of 70mm height.

8. Connect the cable, transmit and operate by long-distance.

9. Prevent the nozzle from clogging by the usage of flash spray technology; detect the nozzle inkline by pressing one button.

10. The closed-type ink road can prevent the dust, as being fit for pipe material, sectional material, medicine packages, electronic, building materials, paper, metal, plastics and so on these permeable materials and impermeable materials.

11. Ink consumption amount: Every pack of ink can printed 200 million 10mm*6mm characters in italics

12. Spray-print direction: the nozzle is adjustable within 180 degree.

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