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Inkjet Code Printer
Feature Video Samples show


1. Anti-dust, only hand-held, the level of printing, jet printing or for bagging before printing large objects, such as packaging boxes, larger drums, plastic buckets, plates, building materials, etc.

2. Light weight, small size, flexible and convenient mobile.

3. The editing information can be displayed in the inkjet printer.

4. Can print a variety of fonts, graphics, bar codes, two-dimensional code, the information can be stored in one thousand.

5. Consumables province, 100 ml of special ink jet printing can be 12 × 12mm characters 2000000.

6. Can print in a variety of surface materials, a variety of colors.

7. The simple machine the ink, not washing liquid, nozzle maintenance-free, environmentally friendly ink.

Parameter Description 

Spray-print Height


Spray-print Speed

1 meter/per second

Spray-print Precision


Font Type

Chinese (English) hundreds of kinds

Used Ink

red, blue, green, black, purple oily ink, quick-drying ink, invisible ink

Relative humidity


Equipment Weight


Ink Consumption Amount

Every pack of ink can printed 200 million 10mm*6mm characters in italics

Spray-print Graphic

trademark, graphic, support BMP, JPEG, TIF format images

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