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Screen Printer&Parts
Screen Washing Booth
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The drying tunnel effectively solves many problems which has long beset the utilization of this process, eg. discoloration of printed cloth, the difficulty of fully drying heating-set ink enables the production of printed products with good colorfastness, high flexibility and high gloss.


1.Teflon screen belt , customers' designs are welcome.

2.Motor can be set to any speed and provides a smooth and even motion.

3.Far infrared heating pipe is especially suitable for solidifying heat-set and special type of printing ink.

4.Adjustable belt speed and tunnel temperature controls.

5.Uses over 30% less electricity than other comparable products.



Max frame size

1200*1000 MM


12500*650*1800 MM

Max input pressure

0.8 Mpa

Working pressure

0.6 Mpa

Power supply

220V 1.3 KW ,Single Phase

Gross weight

125 KG

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