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Screen Printer&Parts
Flash Dryer(4 lamps)
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The flash dryer is a important equipment in printing process,especially in multi-color printing.you can dry the ink quickly to print next color by flash dryer. you needn’t wait ink to dry in printing if you have it.


1. Full 500 X 600mm heat opening.

2. Adjustable height floor stand (from 300mm to 500mm).

3. Adjust the switch on the back to make 2 or 4 lamps working as the same time.

4. Attachment a fan, increase 20%-30% efficiency.

5. Quicker flash time and very even heating.

6. Head rotate 360 degree

7. Move freely with wheel on base




4 pcs


2 KW


220V or 110V


38 KG


in one carton


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