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Acrylic Shaping Machine
Multi Functional Acrylic Shaping Machine
YH-1414E YH-1419E YH-1426E
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1)     For flashing signs with relievo surface!

Good cost effective.Ineasy and fast operation! The new comer in acrylic moulding field of Vaccum-Thermoform,with multi-functions in moulding process,may shap acrylic and heat meltable materials into the shapes of 3-D relief in just 8 minutes.

2) in small locating area: Not more than 4 sqm for the largest model 1426E.

3) With light weightness: Less than 0.5 ton for the largest model 1426W.

4) Low power consumption: 0.9kwh-2.5kwh for each turn of forming opertation.

5) Simpe operation with reasonable design: Easy and convenient operation, few waste or faults of materials.

6) Fast shaping process: To heat and soft the acrylic materials by light-engergy, it only needs 8-10 minutes for froming up the signs, from put the material into it till the surface has beed shaped.

7) Wide scope of application: No limits to the thickness of arcylic material, and no influence to the environmental temperature, even cold climate does not affect the production.

8)Manpower saving: One perspnl can process the operation from the begin to finish.

9) In easy modl making: May make shaping mold without engraving machine. It can shape acrylic sheet into surfaces such as flat, ball-like, curved, and relievo freely by just a single manual carvedmold of flat surface with hardwood or high-density plate.

10) With fine sense of 3-dimensional characteristics for the curved surface: Flashing signs formed by the machine not only have strong stereoscopic sense under day light, but also have well raising lighting uniformity in the night.

11) Good market and good benefit: The cost of signs with curved relievo surface produced by the machine, is obviously lower than signs produced by other analogous vacuum forming machine, but in higter selling price.

12) Good quality and wasy maintenance: Especially manufacture in export standard for oversea customers, the export models of 1414E, 1419E, 1426E mormally undertake varied strict performance tests before sale, also with shake-proof packing for transportation.

13)The Acrylic Moulding Machine For 3-D Reliefing, we normally call it Acrylic Shaping Machine, It is a new comer of three-dimensional raising machine in Vacuum-Thermoform industry, it has the functions of both melting and moulding the materials once during the process of signs. And the shaping speed is 2-3 times faster than normal arcylic process, further more it can save over 30% of electric energy. It can shape up signs with special beautiful relief of 3-10cm on the surface, and has a strong three dimension in the raising shape. The moulding cost is lower than tranditional blister moulding machines, and this equipment is cheaper, the speed is faster, the investing cost is lower, the application range is larger, the benefit is higher, etc..

All these advantages will make it a wider market in the future










Rated Power

9000 watt

13500 watt

18000 watt

Power consumption

0.9 KWH/Once







Avaliable shaping area




Forming time

8-10 minutes

Packing dimension




Net weight




Gross weight




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