Automatic-Laser Cloth-cutting Machine Yinghe Electronic Instrument Co,.LTD
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Fabric engraver and cutter
Automatic-Laser Cloth-cutting Machine
Feature Video Samples show

1. Adopt precise CNC technology ,high-controllable flight-path laser design and  professional design software, can output cut samples immediately after design, doubled increase working efficiency;

2. Adopt international high-speed 32-bit DSP components SMARTCARVER controller, with automatic compensation for bad light technology, smooth acceleration and deceleration control software design,also can choose optional high-performance, high-precision servo motor, Optional automatic feeding device, able to work continuous output processing;

3. A Selection of laser equipment for a variety of materials processing industry is the technological innovation, is the preferred programme.can save more cost to customers.   Cloth, leather, wollens, paper, craftwork, model, Intertexture and bag non-metal materials.Clothing, embroidery cut, cloth toys, paper products, leather goods industry, the model industry, and other needs of a wide-format materials, cutting, carving industry. 

Laser Power


Power Supply

AC220±10% 50HZ/AC110±10% 60HZ

Max Processing Area


Cutting Speed


Locatina Precision


Operating Temperature


Environment Humidity

5%---95%(no dew)

Graphic Format SuppoSed

all files that Coredraw/AutoCAD can Support

Assistant Fitting

exhaust fan and pipe


Professional honeycomb working table

Whole Machine Power



Plywood case

Machine Dimension


Package Dimension


Net Weight/Gross Weight


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