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Laser Marker
Fiber laser marking machine
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    Fiber laser marking machine is the new generation laser marking system developed by our company with advanced laser technique,it adopts fiber laser to output laser and achieves to marking function after high speed scanning oscillating mirror system,it has higher photoelectric transfer efficiency,this machine adopts air cooling way and the whole machine is small,the output beam is qualified,high reliability.

All metals and some noe metal materials.Mainly used to mark on various plastic buttons and electric devices,to mark code on CMOS chip,color paper and food package,it can also be used in the scope with high requirements,such as clock,jewelry,module,bitmap marking etc.

 Laser Type


 Laser Power


 Max Marking speed

 300 characters,height of character 1mm

 Graphic Format Supported


 Beam Quality


 Power Stability(8h)


 Pulse Repeat Frequency


 Whole machine Power


 Mini Line Width


 Laser Wavelength


 Oscillating Mirror Area


 Colling Way

 air cooling

 Working Voltage


 Working Temperature




 Package Dimension



 plywood case

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