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Laminating Machine
Double-side Hot Laminator
Feature Video Samples show

180W adjustable deceleration torque motor

Unilateral balanced regulator hand wheel

Aluminium alloy before and after removable platform

Diameter 130mm roller which has endures high temperature function

Automatic paper take-up device

Anti-crease &anti-skew device(initial)Inching foot switch


Reducing labour cost , improving production quality. Directly reduce cost 1.5 yuan per squaremeter.  

Bright in colour, good color reducibility,high flatness,no wrinkle,no bubble,no dirt pits.

High laminating efficiency and high yield, laminating 50m will not incline.

Single person or unattended operation, 4000 square feet / hour, save time, space and labor. 

When laminate the thin stick paper, it will not wrinkled, and the dark color picture will keep fastness.      

Detailed description

Anti-walk paper feeding system can laminating entire volume, effectively avoid picture deflection.

Greatly improve the efficiency of the ;aminating, reduce labor costs

Single hand movements roller linkage, simple operation, uniform pressure

With automatic paper take-up device,more conveniency.Save labor,improve production yield.

Auto take up paper and adjust it’s degree of tightness, tight range adjustable so as to avoid wrinkles.

Before and after removable work platform to facilitate maintenance, saving you space.

Echnical parameter

Max width (mm)


Max thickness (mm)




Temp range

 Room temperature-120°C

Roller upgrade

 Unilateral linkage upgrade

Roller heating

 Infrared heating

Preheat time


Power consumption


Fixed input power


Fixed input volt


Net weight




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