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Hot stamping machine
Digital Large Format Hot Stamping Machine
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Product introduction

1.      Japan originated print head with thin film technique ; long life span ; high presise ;grayscale images can be printed.

2.      Print head split jointed at random ;life span of print head increased by 10 times.

3.      Mainboard controlled by intelligent CPU ; three printing methods ;convenient operation.
4.      Separate poles for ribbon and banner ; ribbon pole turns freely ; no crease ; flat surface for
ribbon and banner.
5.      Procedural management ; length of printed material recorded precisely ; cost counted easily.
6.      Reasonable structure ; space saved.
7.      Many heat transfer printing materials ; zinc plate unnecessary ; connecting with computer ; easy
 to transmit.
8.      Printing material rolled and adjusted ; with many uses.
9.      300dpi , high precise ; clear type.
10.    New temperature-controlled technique ; printing speed adjusted freely according to material.
11.    Advanced transmission methods : USB and U disk.
12.    High compatible with windows software with graphic text function ; special software unnecessary.



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Max.Printing Width


Max.Printing Thickness


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Print interface

USBU disk



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