YH1201-MM single-needle embroidery machine 12 head Yinghe Electronic Instrument Co,.LTD
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Single Head
YH1201-MM single-needle embroidery machine 12 head
Feature Video Samples show

Name                                            Single Head 12 pin(Horse machine) 

Embroider pieces (mm)                 360 500

Electronic Control                         Shenzhen Electronic Control

Features                                       Flat embroidery, clothing embroidery, cap embroidery, trimming 

Another: Simple rope Embroider plus 1950 Yuan and sequins plus 1950 Yuan


Stitch length                                           0.1 ~ 12.7mm
Cap frame driver 1 for 1 PC
The spindle motor servo motor         70SF3A60-230 Ac
clip cap frame                                       2 for 2 PC
Speed                                                    250-1000rpm turn, minutes
Cap frame mounts                             1 for 1 PC
X.Y motor                                              X: Y57STH64 * 1 Ge (PC)
Clothing box                                         ¢ 90mm ¢ 120mm ¢ 150mm ¢ 180mm ¢ 300 * 300mm ¢ 300 * 500mm
Trimming                                              Automatic cut line
color change                                        Automatic color change
Police head                                          Intelligent Inspection
Input voltage                                        Single-phase 110V / 220V (50 / 60HZ) Single Phase 110V / 220V (50 / 60HZ)
computer                                              Shenzhen taizhi Electronic Control
rated power                                          250 W
Input Mode                                            USB access port input
Head                                                      Suspension type linear leveling rail design
Storage Capacity                                 100,0000 needle .99 a pattern
Beads                                                     3mm,5mm,7mm,9mm
Save Format                                          Tajima DST, Barudan, ZSK, binary, ternary and can be compatible 





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