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Single Head
Single head computerized embroidery machine
901-DC 901-DCJ 901-DMJ
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Model 901-DC
Control System         Beijing Dahao electric control
Function                      Flat embroidery, embroidered garments,
Model 901-DCJ
Control System        Beijing Dahao electric control
Function                     Flat embroidery, clothing embroidery, trimming
Model 901-DCJ
Control System         Beijing Dahao electric control
Function                      Flat embroidery, clothing embroidery, cap embroidery, trimming
The mechanical part of the configuration
1. Configuring high-speed hand piece, hand piece linear guide
2. NSK Bearings main drive member
3. Imported material belt
4. X / Y linear guide
Machine performance and specifications
1. Contacts: 9-pin
2. Embroidery width: 400 * 400 mm
3. Stitch length: 0.1-12.7mm
4. Speed: embroidered 150-800rpm
5. Memory capacity: 200 million doses
6. Number pattern storage: 120
7. Spindle motor: frequency motor
8. X, Y Motor: Stepping Motor (subdivision driver)
9. Power: 200v-240v 50HZ / 60HZ
10. Power: 400w
11. Single head embroidery machine size: 1050 * 1200 * 1450mm (L * W * H)

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