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Desktop UV coating machine
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The brand-new desktop UV coating machine invented by YINGHE Company is useful and necessary for coating and protecting photos, spurt draws and presswork. The machine is small and easy to operate while most of coating machines are cumbersome and difficult to use. Hence this new product takes small room and has better functions.
This unique auto-supply of UV coating liquid system, when in use will continue to add UV coating liquid, save the trouble of the liquid continuously added, and UV coating liquid can be recyclable, there is no waste of the phenomenon. The UV coating machine adopted a unique internal design, ultraviolet light source sealed isolation, which heat evenly, so UV coating liquid completely cured. In addition, the entire fuselage with high-quality sheet metal production, anti-collision, will not rust; Coating roller with corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant steel roller, rubber roller, coating uniformity, texture, appearance, and the coating thickness adjustable, speed adjustable coating line adjustable, and self-cleaning, very convenient.

Main skill parameters

Model Coating width Coating speed Voltage/Power Weight Packing size
YH-D32012 320mm 7.7m/min 220V/2.5kw 94kg 790*730*630mm
YH-D48018 450mm 7.7m/min 220V/3kw 118kg 730*950*630mm
YH-D65024 610mm 7.7m/min 220V/5kw 150kg 1090*725*710mm
YH-D93036 930mm 7.7m/min 220V/7.5kw 260kg 1045*930*1230mm
YH-D130050 1300mm 7.7m/min 220V/8kw 450kg 1790*1370*1220mm
YH-D160063 1600mm 7.7m/min 220V/10kw 600kg 2090*1370*1220mm

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